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Creatures, Critters and Germs

I seem to be coming out of my Pandemic cave with a show of new paintings and a few I created for shows that were cancelled. The last piece of digital composite art I made in 2020 was a banner printed on silk. I used images of microscopic creatures along with a photograph of my curious granddaughter to “expose” the dynamic reality that, though invisible, life and energy are teeming around us.

In the artistic void of the pandemic, I decided to paint intuitively, with some online instruction, with no reference to photographs which had been my practice for some years. I would paint intuitively, freely, no holds barred. I chose cold wax medium and oils because I could splatter and smear them with my hands or spatulas rather than brushes.

As I worked, creatures emerged. What poured out of my body was not anger, but joy, not separation but connection. I abandoned myself to the moment and everything seemed alright - no, was alright.

I do hope showing these paintings will help us reconnect to the web of being we all share and which is enlivened wondrously by Spirit.

Opening Friday, June 17, 6-8 pm

Gallery Saint Michael

601 Montaño Rd. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87107

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