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My Work

My photo encaustic landscapes are lush and sensuous. Hold them close and you can smell the beeswax. They represent perfect hours in the sun and rain. The imaginative journey I have pursued through photography for almost two decades now extends into the realm of wax, painting, collage and mark making. I am also developing an extensive mobile artistry practice using the fabulous apps we have available now. 

“Come into my lap and drink the waters of your soul. You will paint the walls of this cave in thanksgiving.”

Meinrad Craighead

The Journey

In my journey through various art forms I always hoped my work would help people remember our fundamental and spiritual connection with the natural world and so I have exhorted my students, collectors and fans to “Follow the Dirt Road in Your Soul.”

Some of the encaustic paintings on this site are sold but I can make another similar painting. Paintings are also available as photographic prints. For purchase information please contact me. 

My photo encaustic landscapes are lush and sensuous, and represent perfect hours in the sun and rain.


Write Your Name Across the Sky.jpg




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